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Superior food safety is part of our heritage and the heart of everything we do.

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Passionate About

the Food Industry

Norman Capital LLC invests and administers in developments, and provides raw material from the food industry, offering high quality and innovative products and services, as well as customized solutions, supported with a qualified work team and backed up by first level international suppliers in order to answer to the needs of our clients and search the constant improvement of our processes.

About us

Our Philosophy

We are a holding company of family origin; characterized by being modern, open to the world, with a spirit of constant improvement, flexible in the face of establishing changes and highly professional.

We define as primordial the development of people both in the professional and individual field, as well as in the familiar one; establishing auto demanding; client, result and quality oriented work teams; with strategic thinking and learning attitude.

We create a vital connection based on confidence and loyalty, offering a better life quality with our products and services.

We generate added value, being a factor of growth for the community, collaborators and shareholders.

Norman Capital

Our Products

We anticipate, in a coherent way, market expectations, enhancing the quality of our products and the development of our own brands, valued by its clients, as a competitive advantage. This being the reason why we generate added value and are a growth and development factor.

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Quality products

with Global Reach

With aims to lead the regions of South America,
Central America and North America